Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bill Payment via ByCell PayPal App

Follow these steps to activate PayByFone via
  1. Login to your personal banking site like WellsFargo and setup email notifications. Use a Premium Yahoo Mail Account that will be tied to your phone in a later step.
  1. Use the yahoo mail account from step 1 and your personal telephone# to setup an account on
  2. Call 1877sanjay7 and say "Bills" at your personal menu prompt (after second beep). Or press 3 after the first beep.
  3. You will be read out a list of your latest unpaid bills that are due. You can say "Pay All" to pay the stated amounts for all bills.
  4. If you choose to pay manually, please say "Manual Payment". You will be prompted to say a dollar amount per bill.
  5. These bills will be paid immediately out of your PayPal account. You can get instant confirmation for all payments.
  6. You can also view the transactions on in the PayByFone Center. Here, you can contact vendors if you have billing questions (click on the Click2Call button)
  7. Pick a time when the vendor can contact you.

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